Murjan Village

2006 - Jubail

Established in 2006, Murjan Village is a secluded residential resort that offers an elite and unique lifestyle with access to pristine private beaches on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. The residential complex includes 343 housing units that blend modern designs with incredible natural views, luxury amenities, and high-end services. Located in Jubail’s Fanatheer city, Murjan Village residents can enjoy modern designs, picturesque views, luxury amenities, and high-end services. 

Useful Information
  • Galleria Mall (9-minute drive)
  • Fanateer Mall (11-minute drive)
  • Al Huwailat Center (14-minute drive)
  • Aljubail Mall (28-minute drive)                                                                                     
  • Royal Commission Hospital (9-minute drive)
  • AlMana General Hospital Aljubail (14-minute drive)
  • Mouwasat Hospital (9-minute drive)
  • Alkhonaini Medical Complex (9-minute drive
  • Om AlQurra Secondary School (5-minute drive)
  • Riad Al Huda Private Schools for Girls (14-minute drive)
  • Al Hussan International Schools (6-minute drive)
  • ISG International Schools Group (15-minute drive)
  • Najd Secondary School (9-minute drive)
  • A 1 hour and 55-minute drive via Dhahran Jubail Expy
  • A 1 hour 8-minute drive via Dhahran Jubail Expy
  • Taya Restaurant (7-minute drive)
  • Tandoori House (7-minute drive)
  • Piatto Restaurant (10-minute drive)
  • Steak House (10-minute drive)
  • Maestro Pizza (5-minute drive)
  • F&B Burger (5-minute drive)
  • Saudi Post Center Aljubail Office (28-minute drive)
  • Saudi Post Office (26-minute drive)