Core Values at work

The Zamil Group work philosophy is summed up in its core values and demonstrated by its employees in all location through professionalism and the unwavering commitment to excellently serve its customers - both internal and external.


Upholding our ethical standards

"A company is only as good as its people.”
Depending on the nature of the job for which one is hired, an employee represents, in varying degrees, the Company to its clients, partners, suppliers, vendors, to government entities and to the public in general. In all their actions, work-related decisions and dealings, the company expects its employees to uphold these standards:


Uncompromising honesty and integrity.

Avoiding conflicts of interest.

Respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals.

Promotion of individual initiative and innovation.

Maintenance of a safe workplace.

Protection of the environment.

We are a law-abiding organization. While legal regulations may vary from territory to territory where Zamil Group operates, we expect our employees and others acting on our behalf to comply with all applicable laws.


Relationships and Ethical Business Conduct

Creating a culture of ethical business conduct built on integrity and honesty may at times require more than strictly complying with the law. Where there are no legal regulations governing certain activities, each employee is expected to uphold the standards set by the Company and the ideals set by our core values.


Every Employee is a Contributor

When you are hired by any company in Zamil Group, it is because that Company believes in your potential to contribute positively to its continued success. And to help you become truly effective and efficient in your role, our companies endeavor to create a proactive and constructive work environment, using abilities of employees in the best possible manner, while promoting a healthy work-life balance.


Employee Work Week

Zamil Group observes a forty-eight (48) hour workweek for its offices and production sites within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are generally spread out in five-day or six-day workweeks based on regular operating requirements or business contingencies.


Health, Safety and Environment

It is the philosophy of Zamil Group that employees are adequately trained in order to maintain safety at all times. All employees are required to use proper methods and equipment to perform jobs safely. 
Our companies comply with all relevant HS&E laws and regulations, and with production process-specific HS&E guidelines. 

Our companies are committed to ensuring that no operational shortcuts are taken and that appropriate safety and health considerations are incorporated into the staff’s daily job duties and the business decisions that managers and leaders make.


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