Home Offices

Home offices premises are in the heart of the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, one of the most economically active capitals in the Middle East, right through the intersection of al Oroubah road by Prince Turki's road.

Because of this very central location of vital unrivalled, this site gives home offices important advantages in facilitating the transition to and from the offices and all the services government facilities.

Home offices has been developed though an integrate concept, provides all the needs of businessmen in the form of prosperity and luxury, in real work environment with the privilege of complete privacy.

Uniquely, home offices has Exclusive privileges including diverse spaces and types of offices between the houses of two floors and three floors in total area of 45.000 square meters, special Entrances and electric elevators separate each office, the availability of all logistics and banking services, in addition to flight bookings, travelling and others.

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